Sunday 18 November 2018

6 Easy Ways to Create Your Room Wider - Do you have a wide space in your home? There are some ways to create your room wider. Room arrangement becomes the main factor to make this look. Starting from interior design, complement goods, as well as lighting must be noticed. This is a tricky way when decorating your room. However, don’t worry! We give some tips for you those who want to create your room wider.

  • Use Neutral Color Tone
Most people want their room look wider, no matter what. How about if you just have a limited space? You can choose a neutral color tone to embody your room wider. The white color is the right choice for limited space since it can spread the light to all rooms so that small room will look wider. To make the room is not plain, you can add home decor with a different color, such as bold color.

The use of neutral color on the wall, the floor, platform, and furniture color is the right choice when designing your room. Off-white color or beige will embody wider space as well. The soft color is also can help to give lighting for your room since it will reciprocate the light.

  • Maximize the Natural Light
Another way to create your room wider is maximizing the natural lighting. The natural lighting here means the light coming from outside room. You can add more windows in your home. You can save your energy in your home by maximizing the natural lighting as well. A dark room can make your room look smaller so that make sure your room getting enough light. Let you window curtain open to create a room illusion look wider, or you can use transparent curtain materials so that the sunlight can enter although you close the curtain.

  • Use Multi-functional Furniture
Nowadays there is innovated furniture which is multi-function. We call it multi-functional furniture since they can be used for another function. Simply using the right furniture is another way to help you. For instance, a table that converts from desks to formal dining tables and beds that rotate to reveal a full bookcase, as well as a sofa bed which can be used as a sofa or bed. In addition, if you can use a partition, you can choose a transparent partition to embody your room wider.

  • Short Legs Furniture
The distance between the ceiling and the floor becomes the problem if you have limited space in your home. How to solve it? You can choose short legs furniture in order to embody a wider space. Furniture with leg, such as a sofa or a chair, can create wider room.

  • Use Mirrors Effect
Another way to create a wider room is using mirrors or staffs made of glass. A transparent glass can be implemented to the window or on the door of the room because it can make the border of another room look wider. You can also use a mirror attached to the wall of the room. This mirror can give the room look wider by a reflected shadow on the mirror. 

  • Rearrange Your Staffs Neatly
Messy Staffs can create your room look smaller. In order to make your room look wider, one of them is rearranging those staffs neatly. Separate staffs that you still use, and throw away your unused staffs. Then, categorize your staffs in accordance with their types or functions. Try to rearrange your staffs.

Those are some tips to create your room wider. This is a tricky way, but you can try these easy tips for your room. Let’s design your room!

Written by: Uswatun Hasanah, Updated at: November 18, 2018